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Looking for a Karate club in Penzance, or nearby areas of Cornwall? Cornwall Karate (formerly known as “Samurai Karate Cornwall”) is a “hub” for traditional Karate in the Penzance (Penwith) area of Cornwall.

Karate is a Japanese Martial Art, the history of which dates back to the fifth century A.D.

At our Karate classes, we teach a traditional style of Karate called “Shukokai”, (which is a form of Shito-ryu Karate). “Shukokai” is a Japanese word meaning “way for all”. It is a technical style of Karate, which involves studying how the body works, and using this knowledge to make every technique as quick and powerful as possible. For this reason, it is highly-effective for all students, whether male or female, young or old, tall or short, heavy or light.

Franky demonstrating Chudan Uke (Middle Level Block) in Penzance
Lyndsey Demonstrating Empi Uchi (Elbow Strike) in Penzance

Our Karate classes are currently held in and around the Penzance area of Cornwall.

We welcome students of all ages (from 6+) in our classes. We have a mixed-age “family class”, as well as separate classes for cadets and adults.

We are happy to teach students of all abilities (from complete beginners, to the more advanced), and of all levels of fitness.

Please click on one of the links, to the left, to find out about our class venues and times, prices, etc.

Please accept our apologies for the current (rather dated!) website... our all new website is due to go “live” in the next couple of weeks!

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Cornwall Karate is a member of Karate-Do International (K.D.I.), which is headed by Sensei Damian Bowen (5th Dan).

Through Karate-Do International, we are members of the English Karate Federation (recognised as the official governing body for English Karate by the British Karate Federation, the European Karate Federation, and the World Karate Federation).

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